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Heads of Departments

Currently RUET has 18 Departments including the faculties of engineering and applied science. Each head is appointed by the Vice-Chancellor for two years. Head is responsible for academic; coordinating the teachers, officers and staffs of the respective department; administrative; responsibilities related with the department; other responsibilities assigned by the Vice-Chancellor under the ordinance. Name of the heads and contact details in different departments are given in the following table-

Dr. Md. Selim Hossain

Head Dept. of Electrical & Electronic Engineering 01788122226 Room 205, 1st Floor, EEE Dept

Professor Dr. Md. Ali Hossain

Head Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering 01959600498 208, Levele 1 Academic Building 1 (CSE)

Dr. Mst. Fateha Samad

Head Dept. of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering 01796382971 2nd Floor, Academic Building-1, RUET.

Sagor Chandro Bakchy

Head Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering 01776919609 Room no# 425, First Academic (CSE Building) Building, RUET, Rajshahi

Dr. Md. Mahmud Sazzad

Head Dept. of Civil Engineering 01744355019 3213, 3rd Block, 2nd Floor, Civil Building, Department of Civil Engineering, RUET


Head Dept. of Urban & Regional Planning 01787830992

Md. Asaduzzaman

Head Dept. of Architecture 01717854263 1203 (1ST FLOOR,) 1ST BLOCK (OFFICE), DEPT. OF ARCHITECTURE, RUET.

Prof. Dr. Md. Robiul Awall

Head Dept. of Building Engineering & Construction Management 01711302330 Administration Building 1, Room no-145, Kazla-6204, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

Dr. Md Rabiul Islam Sarker

Head Dept. of Mechanical Engineering 01725308914 Heat Engine lab ground floor

Dr. Md. Mosharraf Hossain

Head Dept. of Industrial & Production Engineering 01713228545

Professor Dr. Md. Shamimur Rahman

Head Dept. of Glass and Ceramic Engineering 01713228532 203, GCE Building

Md. Firoj Ali

Head Dept. of Mechatronics Engineering 01916478281

Dr. Mohammad Shahed Hasan Khan Tushar

Head Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering 01758509929

Dr. Mohammad Nurur Rahman

Head Dept. of Chemical Engineering 01728-787675 1st Floor, Fluid Mechanics Lab (ME), RUET

Dr. Md. Al-Amin-Al-Azadul Islam

Head Dept. of Chemistry 01713228567

Dr. Md. Alal Hosen

Head Dept. of Mathematics 01912851530 228, 1st Floor, Administrative Building (East Block)

Dr. Md. Abdul Kader Zilani

Head Dept. of Physics 01718670228

Md. Abu Bokar Siddique

Head Dept. of Humanities 01713228568 Room-106, Administrative Building East Wing