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Study Expenditure

Study Expenditure (UG)


An undergraduate student has to complete a significant number of credits (more than 150 credits depending on the department) during the 4 years program for the award of degree. Each year they have to complete 2 semester study. The allowable credits for each semester are typically in the range of 18 to 22. The table below gives an estimate of the costs and expenses a full-time undergraduate student without financial aid should expect throughout the duration of his/her study program.   


Study cost items

Charge rate

Course registration fee

BDT 20 per credit

Tuition fee

Theory course: BDT 30 per subject

Sessional course: BDT 50 per subject

Year change fee

BDT 600 per year

Grade sheet fee

BDT 15 per unit

Departmental association fee

Not more than BDT 500 per year (depending on the Dept.)

Living/ Accommodation/miscellaneous (on campus)

Ranges BDT 3000-5000 per month

*Actual living expenses will vary on each individual student's lifestyle

*Off campus living expenses is little bit higher than the above range and depending on the quality of the dormitory


Tuition and registration fees are payable on semester basis. RUPALI Bank, RUET branch is used to receive the payment in the specified account number. Students are residing on campus requested to deposit payment of accommodation charge at RUPALI Bank in due date to avoid penalties. Students are also requested to deposit all the academic fees in due date as there is a penalties for late payment. Fees are frequently reviewed.  Approved changes become effective on the date stipulated.