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A team from Mechatronics Engineering department innovates groundbreaking bomb disposal robot for Bangladesh Army

A team consisting of S.M. Shafayet Jamil (MTE'19 series), Kazi Atif (MTE'19 series), Md. Al Tas Did Ul (MTE'19 series), Md. Eashir Arafat (MTE'20 series), Ariful Islam (MTE'20 series) from Mechatronics Engineering (MTE) department of RUET has successfully designed, engineered and delivered a robot named Hades X-03, to the Bangladesh Army which can help diffuse bombs, reducing the risk of casualty of bomb diffusing team. The robot can move through terrain in day and night, carrying upto 3 Kgs of objects and can be controlled from 1 KM away providing safety and security for the bomb disposal team. With 7-10 times less costly than equivalent off-the-shelf robot found in the market, this can have huge potential and can be applied in other tasks as well such as search and rescue missions. This is a significant achievement of RUET Mechatronics Engineering department. This project was guided by honorable dean of Mechanical faculty Prof. Dr. Md. Rokunuzzaman and honorable head of Mechatronics Engineering department, Assistant Professor Md. Firoj Ali.
We extend our congratulation to the team on behalf of Mechatronics Engineering department for achieving this milestone and look forward to MTE department of RUET continuing to lead in robotics innovation in Bangladesh.

You can read the news here: https://www.prothomalo.com/lifestyle/qlfco8csvn